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Contact Us Page : Last updated 09-13-04

The perfect place to let others know how to get in touch with you!
This page includes an email form which is useful for collecting feedback or for offering help. Visitors to our Web site will use this page to contact us when they have questions, need help, or want to send comments to you. Imagine That! So....guess what...I need your email addresses to put here!

Lottie Rice Cooley
Work Phone (337)708-4884
Home Phone (337)582-4751

Buzzy Leithead
Work Phone (337)478-8091
Home Phone (337)477-6063

Bill McCall
Work Phone (337)433-9996
Home Phone (337)439-4192


Debbie (Vickery) Andrepont

Dallas J Ballmer

Wanda (Nelson)Borel

Mary (Beth Faulk)

"One of the two Danny Fontenot's"
Daniel J. "Danny" Fontenot
work email: danny.fontenot@unisys.com
home email: dcda4nbrla@yahoo.com

Calvin Ferrell sp-929@juno.com 

Gary Slaven gslaven616@aol.com

Wendell Stephens wstep2725@aol.com


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Remember: it's important for us to regularly send information so the page will be active and others will come see the new information. Doing this will help us to get more return visitors and have a value added page for everyone...........send me stuff!!!!