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Home Page:LaGrange Sr. High School

Welcome to the LaGrange Senior High School Home Page graduation class of 1970...

Last updated 09-13-04
See the photos...!
Also sign the GUEST BOOK...!

We have a new Reunion coming up in 2005...# 35

This page is to share information about our class , including reunions, notices and general interest information.



Has anyone got any vacation stories to share with everyone???

I just got back from a New England trip to lobster heaven last week.  Dawn and I had a wonderful week just wondering around Conneticut, Cape Cod and Main then back to Boston for three days.

Any wild trips or strange events to spice up the page will be posted (if you care to bare your @# to the class).

35 Year CLASS REUNION 10-22/23-2005  ... or so...see the What's New page for details...
The past Class Reunion was fantastic, the game was fun (even though we lost), the tour was great (see the pictures) and the dance at the country club was a huge success with pictures, addresses and other info to come later...keep watching.

The LaGrange Sr. High School graduation class of 1970 celebrated its 30th reunion October 27-28, 2000

Mary entertained us with a stroll down memory lane with a movie she put together.
(You have to see it)
If you are interested, some of us actually got a copy

(like me, call 225-273-2458 if you want to borrow it).

This information by Dallas J Ballmer
LaGrange Sr.High School

If you have any questions...
I will attempt to get you a good answer.